A dumper is a vehicle designed for carrying bulk material, often on building sites. Dumpers are distinguished from dump trucks by configuration: a dumper is usually an open 4-wheeled vehicle with the load skip in front of the driver, while a dump truck has its cab in front of the load. The skip can tip to dump the load; this is where the name “dumper” comes from. They are normally diesel powered. A towing eye is fitted for secondary use as a site tractor. Dumpers with rubber tracks are used in special circumstances and are popular in some countries.

Engine Make & Model: KUBOTA V3300T
Gross Power: 63 / 86 (KW/HP)
Number of Cylinders: 4
Fuel Capacity: 70 L
Hydralic System Fluid Capacity: 65 L
Transmission: Syncronized gearbox. 4 Forward ratios and 4 backwards ratios by means of electro-hydraulic device
Max Speed: 35Km/h
Hide Dimensions and operating weight
Total Loaded: 6000Kg
Rated Payload: 6000Kg
Dump Angle: 180
Overall Length: 4615mm
Overall Width: 2190mm
Overall Height: 3600mm
Ground Clearance: 320mm
Swivel Option: yes