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Compactors for Hire

HIRED Group provides roller-compactors for hire for a myriad number of applications in commercial and industrial sector. Roller-compactors is a vital machinery for the construction of foundation and roads. Besides, modern roller-compactors are being used in agriculture sector and at landfills for leveling the ground. Whether you need a light or heavy duty roller-compactor, HIRED Group delivers on your requirements. Based on the application, you can choose from different variants available with us: trench compaction rollers and upright and plate compactors. Each of the aforementioned rollers differ from the remaining types on the basis of their width and weight. You can choose the best fit for enhanced productivity. If you are looking for smooth drum rollers or pad foot rollers in Sydney, you can turn to us for the best assistance. There’s a roller compactor designed for certain use, and Hired Group has them all under the same roof. In case you require roller compactor on an urgent basis, we have you covered. Give us a call now to hire a roller compactor in Sydney for the jobs that need to be done immediately. We have rollers that are designed for all types of surfaces, including but not limited to granular, mixed and cohesive soils, asphalt and sub-bases. For landscapers, plumbers and builders, this versatile machine serves the purpose quite right. It is designed to manoeuvre around the jobsites, which have limited access. As you rush into the new job, you need to have the right equipment at your disposal so that you can give your best shot and never have qualms about your conduct. HIRED Group aims at keeping you ahead of your competitors with a range of modern equipment that never fails to deliver on the intended purpose.

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