Hired Group’s trench compactors are outstanding performers in the most demanding areas of use. These hire equipments are particularly suitable for the compaction of cohesive soils in trench work, in sewer and pipeline construction, backfills, for railway and dam construction, on landfill sites and for sub-base and foundation work. Designed for use on earthworks, these trench compaction rollers are suitable for work in confined areas, on difficult to compact soils or in situations where a risk of over-turning is high.

These trench compaction rollers with the SC3 infrared-remote control offers proven compaction results with safer operation. A reliable and safe remote control allows these rollers to work independently in conditions such as severe weather or poor access to the construction site. The fully automatic engine reduces the rpm to idle during standstill. The engine rises within a split second back to working speed with the first operation. This substantially helps to reduce diesel and noise emissions.

This powerful trench roller is the latest development of the existing skid steer controlled trench rollers. With its latest technology, this machine sets the benchmark regarding compaction results and maneuverability in smallest work areas.

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