Wheel loaders are tractor vehicles used to scoop up and move debris, dirt, asphalt, feed, gravel, sand, snow or other loose material and load it into dump trucks, hoppers, rail-cars or other vehicles. At Hired Group Sydney equipment hire, an extensive range of loaders are available for hire to perform a wide range of tasks for several industries.

Wheel loaders come with a front-mounted, square bucket fastened to the end of two booms used to pick up loose material, such as dirt, sand or gravel. Hired Group’s fleet of wheel loaders caters to both mining and civil applications. With the fleet varying in size from a 1 cubic metre bucket to a 5.7 cubic meter bucket, our wheel loaders can also be used for digging, laying pipe, clearing brush and other uses.

With a wide variety of compatible attachments and tools, our wheel loaders are flexible machines able to perform a wide range of tasks on the jobsite. Our many years of experience in the equipment hire industry gives us confidence that we can deal with your Plant and equipment hire requirements in a professional and efficient manner.

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