A loader is a type of tractor, usually wheeled, sometimes on tracks, that has a front-mounted square wide bucket connected to the end of two booms (arms) to scoop up loose material from the ground, such as dirt, sand or gravel, and move it from one place to another without pushing the material across the ground. A loader is commonly used to move a stockpiled material from ground level and deposit it into an awaiting dump truck or into an open trench excavation.

Engine Make & Model: Volvo D7ELAE3
Gross Power: 241.4 hp
Number of Cylinders: 6
Fuel Capacity: 269 L
Operating Safe Working Load: 18980 kg
Tipping Load: 14540 kg
Hide Dimensions and operating weight
Length with bucket: 8200 mm
Width over tyres or tracks: 2670 mm
Height of top of cab: 3370 mm