Dumpers Hire Sydney

HIRED provides a wide array of dumpers for hire for carrying bulk material at construction sites. A dumper can facilitate the short and long dumping errands at construction and mining sites. Dumpers are smaller in size than Dump Trucks, but their utility, accessibility and easy operation makes them a better alternative in all respects. A dump truck may fail to access the area where dumpers can easily wander about.

Dumpers have diesel engines, which account for their explosive power and high torque. This also makes them the most commonly used machine of their kind in most of the countries. At mechanized construction sites, a dumper stands to save you a great deal of time and money. We have dumpers available for tasks as small as landscaping to the projects as big as they can be at any construction or mining site. HIRED offers a full range of dumpers, with capacity ranging from 0.5 Tonne to 10 Tonne. You can hire any of the dumpers according to your needs.

These dumpers dole out maximum utility for landscapers, plumbers and builders of all kinds. It is ideal for moving materials across compact and large sites. We have dumpers with rubber tracks and provision for a towing eye for secondary use as site tractor. It’s like having one machine with the utility of two. It’s easy to load the material and even easier to dump, at the push of a button. In some variants, the button is replaced by a lever.

When we send out any of our dumpers for hire, we ensure its functioning for optimum efficiency. As a considerate purveyor of equipment, HIRED is ready to supply you with a substitute machinery should the former one doesn’t work as expected.

Tell us your requirements prior to finalizing a particular dumper for your project for we could help you find the best match.