Skid Steer Sydney

Now you can hire Skid Steer in Sydney for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. HIRED offers Skid Steers & Loaders for hire at highly competitive prices. We possess a fleet of Skid Steers, which is modern, durable and accustomed to heavy duty applications.

Hire Skid Steers & Loaders in Sydney for a Variety of Applications

Whether you need a skid steer for your landscaping needs or to be used at construction and mining sites, we have a machine that perfectly fits the bill. Here, we have skid steers available in different variants ranging from 1 Tonne to 6 Tonne. Further, you can choose the desired attachment to make sure it serves the purpose right. Depending on the application, we can suggest the most suitable variant as well as the attachment should you feel perplexed by the number of choices available.

At HIRED, we acknowledge that it takes a powerful machine to tackle the challenges in construction industry and so do we provide Skid Steers that feature explosive torque to handle the job effortlessly. Apart from the commendable power at wheels, this machine is designed to ensure comfort of the operator as well. With ample headroom and cushioned seats, this machine is ideal for long-hours of operations, without posing any kind of discomfort or fatigue to the operator. There’s enough space inside the compartment to kick back during a break; the operator doesn’t have to come out of the cockpit to enjoy a cup of coffee.

The astutely designed compartment ensures 4-way visibility that promotes safety of the operator as well as the tradesmen working in the close vicinity. Further, the toughened glass and metallic mesh provides protection against flying stones or concrete blocks at the site. No matter how complex the job is, offered skid steer in Sydney can take on any challenge and deliver on your expectations.

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