Hired Group offers excavator hire to all areas of Sydney, with a range of modern excavators tool equipment hire. Our 5 – 8 Tonne Excavators allow efficient operation in tight spaces. With zero swing none of these machines extend beyond its tracks! These excavators are ideal for

  • Bulk and detailed excavation
  • Civil construction and landscaping
  • Swimming pool excavation
  • loading out tandems
  • breaking up concrete slabs
  • and more

Hired tool equipment hire Sydney is ready to go where you need excavation work performed. Our equipment hire operators are friendly, experienced and capable of challenging site conditions. We guarantee competitive hourly and flexible long term rental rates to suit your needs. We also provide a range of excavator attachments such as Hammers, Auger Drives, Shaker buckets and Hydraulic Rock grabs to suit your construction or demolition requirements.

Our Equipment hire Sydney team of experts are available 24/7 to make sure the excavator and operator we deliver are right for your job.

Contact us today to hire the latest tool equipment for your next project.